Nuestras soluciones y servicios aseguran, conectan y potencializan su organización.

At Gamma Ingenieros, we offer solutions and services focused on cyber security, cloud protection, user experience endpoint, performance, BYOD management and big data security; managed by a staff highly qualified and the best technological solutions in the market.

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Estratégicos de primer nivel

We have our own Cybersecurity Operations Center and Ciberdefense, through which we offer different services that will allow you to focus on your business, leaving in the hands of an expert the identification, detection, protection and response to possible events of security, in a 24/7 service, to ensure the protection of your services. against possible cyber-attacks 365 days a year.


Programa de sensibilización
Gamma CyberAcademy

We offer a customized training plan to guide your employees in concepts of information security, networking and cyberspace, using a simple and entertaining language, with our own methodologies adapted to your needs.

Ingeniería, consultoría e interventoría 

We provide consulting and engineering services for: study, design, consulting, diagnosis, information gathering, supervision, auditing and project management in the areas of telecommunications and civil works.